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Hanger Rod


  • Manufactured in 316L stainless steel to meet any stringent sanitary condition
  • Polished with standard “brite” finish to increase corrosion resistance and aesthetic appearance
  • No special tools or processes required for installation
  • Threaded and Non-Threaded options available
  • Standard NPT threads allow for trouble-free installations
  • Any custom size available up to 12’ in length


Stainless steel Hanger Rod is often specified in corrosive environments where it is subjected to harsh chemical treatments or wash-downs due to its light weight, precise tolerances, and ease of installation. Calbrite’s Hanger Rod is manufactured with or without threads. Hanger Rod has been designed to be used for mounting Calbrite’s offering of Sanitary Strut (BriteRail / FlatRail)

Hanger Rod

Part NumberDescriptionOD (in)Thread Length (A) (in)Thread Length (B) (in)Weight per Foot (lb)
S603144HRBR-PE3/8" x 12' (no thread)0.375N/AN/A0.18
S603144HRBR3/8" x 12' (with thread)0.3750.5000.7500.175
S60372HRBR-PE3/8" x 6' (no thread)0.375N/AN/A0.18
S60372HRBR3/8" x 6' (with thread)0.3750.5000.7500.175
S60336HRBR-PE3/8" x 3'' (no thread)0.375N/AN/A0.18
S60336HRBR3/8" x 3'' (with thread)0.3750.5000.7500.175
S60312HRBR3/8" x 1' (no thread)0.375N/AN/A0.18
S60312HRBR3/8" x 1' (with thread)0.3750.5000.7500.175