BriteRail Sanitary Strut

EC&M Product of the Year Category Winner

BriteRail™ is a new, innovative design in conduit support systems for sanitary and wash-down environments commonly found in food processing and pharmaceutical industries.

BriteRail Features Include:

  • Custom dome-shape design prevents the pooling of water and harboring of bacteria
  • Single Support design for ceiling mount applications
  • NSF certified materials, design, fabrication, construction and performance of special purpose food handling and processing equipment and machinery washdown process
  • 180 – Grit finish enhances the surface’s resistance to pitting and bacterial corrosion
  • Continuous slot design easy installation and flexibility
  • Custom Accessory package limits the number of items needed while still offering flexible options
  • The 10 ft. BriteRail can be easily divided into one foot increments

BriteRail Benefits:

  • NSF 169 Certified
  • Minimizes harboring microbial bacteria
  • Eliminates any flat surfaces to facilitate water run-off
  • Improves sanitary conditions of facility
  • Excellent strength to weight ratio
  • Long-lasting solution
  • Reduced labor time and costs
  • Reduced waste-rework
  • Requires very few component parts
  • Inventory Management (less SKUs)

Part NumberLength (ft)Mounting Slot Length (in)Mounting Slot Width (in)Overall Height (in)Overall Width (in)Mounting Rod (in)Weight / Foot (lb)