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Pulp and Paper IndustryIn pulp and paper applications, stainless steel is used extensively because of its good mechanical properties and its resistance to liquor used in the process. These benefits will become even more of a priority as pulp mills move into the realm of bio-refineries.

Stainless steel’s properties prevent contamination of the end product and are resistant to process corrosion. Although the process is mostly standard at all mills, there can be small mill-to-mill differences that may affect levels of corrosion. Stainless steel is able to withstand these differences in a stable, uniform manner that makes it the most reliable choice for these applications.

Some of the more common applications for stainless steel conduit in the pulp and paper industry include:

  • Batch and continuous digesters
  • Brown stock washers
  • Black liquor equipment and tanks and recovery circuits
  • Bleach plant
  • Limekiln (for high-temperature properties)
  • Air and water pollution control equipment
  • Waste paper recycling
  • Stock preparation equipment
  • Paper machines including suction rolls

Calbrite is committed to providing quality products with the shortest lead times, combined with friendly, personal and reliable service.

Our quality assurance program complies with industry standards established by Underwriters Laboratories (UL), CUL, ANSI, and NEMA.

  • Approval file number for stainless rigid conduit, nipples, elbows, and couplings is E230584 (ANSI/UL 6A/CUL 6A)
  • Approval file number for stainless conduit bodies is E307133 (ANSI/UL 514A/CUL 514A)
  • Approval file number for stainless locknuts is E308159 (ANSI/UL 514B/CUL 514B)
  • Many of our products are produced to NEMA 4X standards