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Pharmaceutical, Petrochemical, and Chemical IndustryStainless steel resists corrosion in aqueous, gaseous and high-temperature environments, maintains its mechanical properties at all temperatures and its long-term value attribute allows for substantial cost savings.

In these applications, use of acidic, toxic and flammable chemical combinations can rapidly deteriorate traditional conduit systems.

Stainless steel’s corrosion-resistance, weldability, strength, ductility, fabrication versatility, and composition stability can significantly guard against product contamination. It is also important that the surfaces of the conduit and fittings are smooth, easy to maintain and clean, to minimize microbial contamination, reduce corrosion and prevent the adherence of particulates to the surfaces of the equipment and product.

Calbrite is committed to providing quality products with the shortest lead times, combined with friendly, personal and reliable service.

Our quality assurance program complies with industry standards established by Underwriters Laboratories (UL), CUL, ANSI, and NEMA.

  • Approval file number for stainless rigid conduit, nipples, elbows, and couplings is E230584 (ANSI/UL 6A/CUL 6A)
  • Approval file number for stainless conduit bodies is E307133 (ANSI/UL 514A/CUL 514A)
  • Approval file number for stainless locknuts is E308159 (ANSI/UL 514B/CUL 514B)
  • Many of our products are produced to NEMA 4X standards