Hygienic Liquid Tight Conduit | Calbrite


  • Type 316 stainless steel helically wound flexible conduit with smooth, water-tight hygienic PVC Coating
  • Great flexibility and durability
  • FDA Approved blue PVC Coated jacket
  • Coatings available in blue and white colors

Technical Properties:

  • High compression strength: 225 psi
  • Tensile strength: 285 lbs
  • Temperature Range (0° to 275°F)
  • Oil resistant

Certifications and Compliances:

  • IP69 Rated
  • NEMA 4X Approved
  • ROHS
  • 21CFR175.300 / FDA approved PVC
  • NSF/ANSI 169 Certified


Ideally suited for applications where there is a washdown requirement such as food processing machinery and a wide temperature range is required.

Part Number (Blue Coating)Part Number (White Coating)DescriptionCoil Length (ft)OD (in)ID (in)Min Bend Radius (in)Weight per 25' coil (lb)
S60500CTHGS60500CTHG-W1/2" SS316 Hygienic PVC Coated Flex Conduit250.840.652.560.25
S60700CTHGS60700CTHG-W3/4" SS316 Hygienic PVC Coated Flex Conduit251.050.843.940.37
S61000CTHGS61000CTHG-W1" SS316 Hygienic PVC Coated Flex Conduit251.301.025.310.42
S61200CTHGS61200CTHG-W11/4" SS316 Hygienic PVC Coated Flex Conduit251.701.406.890.60
S61500CTHGS61500CTHG-W11/2" SS316 Hygienic PVC Coated Flex Conduit251.901.629.060.68