Flex to Rigid Connectors | Calbrite


  • Manufactured in type 316 stainless steel for increased corrosion resistance
  • Excellent strength and durability
  • Polished with standard “brite” finish to increase corrosion resistance and aesthetic appearance
  • Approved for damp locations when used with Calbrite’s PVC and Clear Coated flex conduit
  • No package quantity required

Certifications and Compliances:

  • NEMA 4X approved
  • Temperature Ratings:
    • Stainless steel body – approx. 1700°F
    • Internal plastic ferrule (white) – approx. 450°F


Used to connect stainless flexible conduit to rigid conduit. Assists in preventing contamination of oils, dirt, dust, and liquid when used with Calbrite PVC coated stainless flexible conduit. Flexible stainless steel conduit can be used for protecting electronic and electrical wires and cable. Suitable for corrosive environments, including pumps, motors, HVAC systems, machine tools, electrical housings and cabinetry.

Part NumberSize (in)A (in)B (in)C (in)Weight each per (lb)
S61200FCRO1 1/41.1300.8752.2500.718
S61500FCRO1 1/21.1300.8752.5000.856