In-Use Covers | Calbrite


  • Manufactured in type 316 stainless steel to meet any stringent sanitary condition
  • Polished with standard “brite” finish to increase corrosion resistance and aesthetic appearance
  • Mounts to all Calbrite stainless steel device boxes
  • Lockable cover is ideal for outdoor wiring and high-traffic areas that require durability as well as safety precautions
  • Multi-die neoprene gasket allows for use with multiple receptacles
  • Approved for use in damp environments (closed cover)

Certifications and Compliances:

  • UL 50E & CSA C22.2 NO. 94.2-15 approved
  • NEMA 4X approved


Stainless steel In-Use Covers are used to protect electrical connections in wet conditions, such as wash-down environments or inclement weather. Available in shallow and deep lid models, Calbrite’s In-Use Covers are specially designed for use with duplex receptacle and GFCI devices. The covers must be mounted vertically and in accordance with all local NEC/AHJ requirements.

Stainless Steel In-Use Covers

Part NumberDescriptionLength (in)Width (in)Overall Depth (in)Cover Depth (in)Box Depth (in)Weight per each (lb)
S60000FVCSGFCI Shallow6.003.2003.5002.0001.9002.650
S60000FVCDGFCI Deep6.003.2005.5005.0001.9003.370
S60000FV2SGFCI Shallow DBL Gang6.005.1253.5002.0001.9003.800
S60000FVRSRECEPT Shallow6.003.2003.5002.0001.9002.660
S60000FVRDRECEPT Deep6.003.2005.5005.0001.9003.650

In-Use Covers Submittal

Part NumberDescriptionLength (in)Width (in)Overall Depth (in)Cover Depth (in)Box Depth (in)Weight Each Per lb
S60000FVCSGFCI SHALLOW63.2003.5002.001.9002.70
S60000FVCDGFCI DEEP63.2005.5005.001.9003.60
S60000FV2SGFCI SHALLOW DBL GANG65.1253.5002.001.9003.60
S60000FVRSRECEPT SHALLOW63.2003.5002.001.9002.70
S60000FVRDRECEPT DEEP63.2005.5005.001.9003.60

All dimensions are for informational purposes only *Tolerances +/- 5%*