Stainless Steel Conduit


  • Manufactured in Type 304 and 316 stainless steel to meet any stringent sanitary condition
  • Polished with standard “brite” finish to increase corrosion resistance and aesthetic appearance
  • Calbrite stainless steel rigid conduit is installed in the same way as any other metallic conduit, there are none of the labor-intensive procedures that come with PVC-coated installations, nor the complicated maintenance and repair procedures
  • Standard NPT threads allow for trouble-free installations
  • Approx. Heat Tolerance = -150°F to 1600°F
  • Includes one coupling with each length purchased

Certifications and Compliances:

  • UL / cUL 6A Listed
  • UL file number _ E230584
  • Article 344, “National Electrical Code” (NEC).
  • CSA C22.1
  • Canadian Electrical Code (CEC), Part 1, Standard for Electrical Installations
  • NSF / ANSI 169 Certified


Stainless conduit is specified in corrosive applications that exceed the limitations of aluminum, fiberglass, rigid steel, PVC, and PVC-coated conduit. Calbrite’s Type 304 and 316 UL-listed stainless conduit meets and exceeds requirements for wash down and harsh/corrosive environments and satisfied the strictest mandates for plant cleanliness by various state agencies, and hundreds of common regulatory requirements.

Stainless Steel Rigid Conduit

Part Number (Type 304)Part Number (Type 316)Trade SizeWeight Per Feet (lbs)LegnthO.D.I.D.
S40510CT00S60510CT001/2"0.829' 11-1/4"0.840"0.622"
S40710CT00S60710CT003/4"1.099' 11-1/4"1.050"0.824"
S41010CT00S61010CT001"1.619' 11"1.315"1.049"
S41210CT00S61210CT001-1/4"2.189' 11"1.660"1.380"
S41510CT00S61510CT001-1/2"2.639' 11"1.900"1.610"
S42010CT00S62010CT002"3.59' 11"2.375"2.067"
S42510CT00S62510CT002-1/2"5.599' 10-1/2"2.875"2.469"
S43010CT00S63010CT003"7.279' 10-1/2"3.500"3.068"
S44010CT00S64010CT004"10.089' 10-1/4"4.500"4.026"
S45010CT00S65010CT005"14.619' 10"5.563"5.073"
S46010CT00S66010CT006"18.979' 10"6.625"6.093"