18 Oct 2016

Calbrite®™, the leading brand of stainless steel conduit, fittings, and accessories, provides long-lasting, corrosion resistant solutions for wastewater treatment plants (WWTP).

Prolonged exposure to the corrosive environments of wastewater treatment plants leaves electrical systems susceptible to damage and failure, as these plants process and handle some of the most corrosive solids and liquids within process engineering. Electrical damage or failure due to corrosion results in unscheduled maintenance and often, plant shutdowns. Unlike manufacturing plants, where shutdowns simply result in lost revenue, prolonged downtime at wastewater treatment plants increases the risk of sewage spills and untreated discharge. The economic and environmental repercussions of such incidents underline the importance of taking preventative action to ensure that electrical systems are capable of withstanding the demands of the facility in which they are installed.

Aside from gold or platinum, no other material withstands corrosion better than stainless steel, making it the most viable option for use in treatment plants. Type 304 and 316 grades of stainless are increasingly utilized as standard materials of construction due to superior performance and cost saving factors. Additional advantages of stainless steel conduit systems include weldability, strength, ductility, composition stability and environmental sustainability.

Calbrite® stainless steel products satisfy the regulatory requirements of UL, ANSI, and NEC while maintaining cost-effectiveness. Calbrite® offers four different types of conduit: stainless steel rigid conduit, stainless steel EMT, stainless steel IMC, and flex conduit. Additionally, Calbrite® offers a complete line of fittings, strut, and accessories, encompassing over 2,000 SKU’s, resulting in the industry’s largest offering of stainless steel conduit systems.

“Calbrite® has provided wastewater treatment facilities with stainless steel conduit systems for over fifteen years,” said Matt Westerfield, Director of Sales and Operations for Calbrite®. “The materials required to construct a WWTP must be able to withstand the wide range of corrosive conditions, which is the perfect reason to choose Calbrite® and stainless steel.”

Stainless steel will improve efficiency, reduce maintenance, and in many cases, provide the lowest cost of ownership. For a clean, environmentally safe and cost-effective plant, there is no better solution than stainless steel electrical conduit systems.