18 Oct 2011

Calbrite®, the leading brand of stainless steel conduit, fittings, and accessories, introduces a stainless steel type X conduit body to make it easier for contractors, maintenance personnel, and other end-users to run wire and cable in multiple directions.

While other conduit manufacturers provide type X conduit bodies in aluminum, steel, and other materials, Calbrite®’s type X configuration is the only conduit body manufactured from stainless steel, ensuring a long lifetime in corrosive and harsh environments such as wash-down applications and wastewater treatment plants. The type 316 stainless steel makes the conduit body durable, corrosion-resistant, and ideal for marine and sanitary applications.

“We’ve taken our expertise in corrosion prevention and applied it to a product that our distributors were asking for as a result of demand from their customers,” said Matt Westerfield, director of sales and operations for Calbrite®. “Our type 316 stainless steel version, which we manufacture in the United States, meets stringent sanitary codes and regulations.”

The type X conduit body is currently in stock and available in 1/2″, 3/4″, 1″, 1-1/2″ and 2″ models. The type X conduit bodies are polished with a standard “brite” finish to increase corrosion-resistance and aesthetic appeal.

The four-hub “X” configuration limits the number of additional fittings needed on a project as wires can be fed through and then out in several directions to simplify installation. Installation is made easy as no equipment is required other than ordinary hand tools. A cover and gasket set is also included.

The flat-back design allows for extra wiring capacity, and the type X body conduit can be used as pulling fittings. An accessible wiring chamber provides a spacious location to make splices.