9 Jul 2018

Brite Rail AccessoriesBriteRail® is a new, innovative design in conduit support systems for sanitary and wash-down environments.

BriteRail® is manufactured with a dome-shaped design to shed water and minimize harboring microbial bacteria to ultimately improve the sanitary conditions of a facility. All BriteRail® accessories help eliminate exposed threads after installation to further increase its sanitary properties.

BriteRail® is also crafted with a unique 12″ continuous slot design that provides users with maximum flexibility to install any size conduit with any type of Calbrite® accessory, and allows BriteRail® to easily be divided into 1′ increments. This design is suitable for vertical or horizontal applications and can be supported from the ceiling or walls.

The overall construction of BriteRail® creates a sanitary conduit support system that features excellent strength to weight ratio, providing true ease of installation.

Learn more about BriteRail® sanitary strut or the accessories that work with it.