16 Apr 2021

Atkore has developed self-extinguishing flexible stainless-steel conduit and fittings for use in harsh environment applications. The flame retardant conduit and fittings are halogen-free and feature low-smoke toxicity properties. With a rating up to IP69, the Low Smoke Zero Halogen conduit and EXD Flameproof Barrier Gland are liquid tight and prevent contamination from oils, dirt, dust, and liquid.

The Low Smoke Zero Halogen conduit and EXD Flameproof Barrier Gland are commonly used in heavy machinery & equipment, chemical processing, On-shore and off-shore petrochemical and refining plants, tunnels, roads & bridges, marine and rail applications.

The Low Smoke Zero Halogen conduit is made of flame retardant stainless steel 316 and helically wound for maximum flexibility and resistance to vibration and shock resistance. With an operating temperature of –25°C to +90°C, the metallic conduit system is ideally suited for outdoor applications exposed to harsh environment conditions. The conduit is oil resistant and features a black LFH coating.

The accompanying EXD Flameproof Barrier Gland is corrosion and oil resistant. Offering high tensile strength, the gland can be used in indoor or outdoor Zone 1, Zone 2, Zone 21 and Zone 22 applications. When used with Calbrite® Liquid Tight range of flexible conduit, the EXD Flameproof Barrier Gland meets certifications for ATEX and IECEx Ex d (flameproof), ATEX and IECEx Ex e (increased safety) and ATEX and IECEx Ex ta (dust ignition protection) hazardous areas. Comprised of body, nut, insert, pot, cap, nylon compression seal and compound barrier, the insert is manufactured in machined nickel plated brass to facilitate ease of assembly and re-use.

“Typically used for outdoor applications where liquid tight is a requirement, the flame retardant flexible stainless steel conduit and barrier gland protects electrical wires and cable in challenging and highly corrosive environments,” said Mike Lang, Sr. Product Manager Calbrite®. “The latest addition to our already extensive flex offering, the Low Smoke Zero Halogen conduit and EXD Flameproof Barrier Gland simplify electrical cabling installation for machine and infrastructure applications.”

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