15 Jul 2019

BriteRail® Sanitary Strut has recently obtained certification for NSF/ANSI 169 standards, making BriteRail® the first and only stainless steel certified strut/channel that possesses NSF certification.

This is an important step for customers in the food & beverage industry, as choosing a certified NSF product assures that it complies with stringent public health standards and NSF certification policies.

BriteRail® features an innovative design in conduit support systems for sanitary and wash-down environments primarily used in the food processing industry. The custom dome-shape design eliminates any flat surface where debris and bacteria can form and eliminates the ability for water to pool in the wash-down process.

NSF and ANSI establish minimum food protection and sanitation requirements for the materials, design, fabrication, construction, and performance of special purpose food handling and processing equipment and devices not fully covered by other individual standards.

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