16 Nov 2021

Atkore Provides Additional Safety Protection for Food and Beverage with NSF Certified Stainless Steel Conduit Bodies and Pulling Elbows

NSF/ANSI 169 Standard certifies stainless steel conduit bodies and pulling elbows for special purpose food handling and processing equipment…

Hobart, IN – November 16, 2021 – Atkore’s Calbrite® stainless steel conduit bodies and pulling elbows have obtained NSF/ANSI 169 Certification, meeting food protection and sanitation requirements for the materials, design, fabrication, construction and performance of special purpose food handling and processing equipment. With NSF/ANSI certification, Atkore’s stainless steel conduit bodies and pulling elbows assure complicity with stringent public health standards, as well as additional protection and safety for equipment installations in the food and beverage industry.

The NSF/ANSI 169 certification covers stainless steel C-, LB-, LL-, LR-, T- TB- and X conduit body styles and pulling elbows. Made from Type 316 stainless steel, all conduit bodies and pulling elbows feature best-in-class corrosion resistance properties, and are manufactured with a high quality, smooth ‘brite’ finish, limiting the harborage of harmful bacteria and pathogens and are also UL Listed / NEMA 4X approved for wet locations.

“Having the NSF/ANSI 169 Certification provides the confidence that every part of the installation has been approved assuring reliable performance and complete protection” says Matt Westerfield, Product Manager Calbrite® – Atkore.

Calbrite® stainless steel conduit bodies easily connect and change the direction of conduit runs and can also be used as pulling fittings. Stainless steel pulling elbows connect threaded conduit or fittings to form 90° turns in conduit running to electrical fittings, junction boxes or enclosures.

For more information on Calbrite® stainless steel EMT conduit and fittings, visit https://www.calbrite.com/products/.

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