8 Oct 2020

Atkore has enhanced its Calbrite® conduit support systems for sanitary and washdown environments commonly found in food processing and pharmaceutical applications. The innovative BriteRail® conduit system has a custom dome-shape design. while the new FlatRail conduit system has a custom flat-shape design. Both conduit systems feature a unique design that protects threads and eliminates water from pooling during the washdown process to prevent debris or microbial bacteria from forming.

Both consuit systems are NSF 169 Certified for materials, design, fabrication, construction, and performance of special purpose food handling and processing equipment and devices. With traditional conduit systems, food particles, liquids and bacteria can get caught in small cracks or tough to clean surfaces, leading to contamination.

Built with polished 304 stainless steel, the conduit support systems have a 180-Grit “brite” finish for increased corrosion resistance and optimum structural strength. Saving installation time and money, the conduit systems feature a continuous slot design that enables installation with any of Calbrite®‘s mounting/clamping accessories. Both systems are available in 10-foot sections which can be easily divided into one-foot increments.

The new FlatRail system prevents waste or bacteria from forming. FlatRail has a flat-shape design to eliminate the collection of food and liquids, as well as the harboring of bacteria. FlatRail is a single support design for either vertical or horizontal wall mount applications. Suited for ceiling mount applications, the BriteRail® conduit systems has an innovative dome shape design that prevents the build-up of materials and bacteria growth during the wash-down process.

“The BriteRail® and FlatRail conduit systems reduce installation time and labor costs in food, beverage and pharmaceutical productions facilities,” said Mike Lang, Sr. Product Manager Clabrite. “The heavy-duty conduit systems combine design flexibility with superior durability for a long lasting and customizable solution.”

Both conduit systems provide an excellent strength to weight ratio allowing for easier installation. Accessory kits are now available, and come packaged with all the components needed for a simple mounting and installation. There is no need to order extra parts. This stainless steel system is an extremely low-cost solution to stock and install. Supporting rods and nuts cover all exposed threads after installation.

For more information on flatRail and BriteRail® products, visit https://www.calbrite.com/strut/briterail-sanitary-strut/

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