29 Jun 2021

Atkore has expanded its family of Calbrite® Stainless Steel Electrical Metallic Tube (EMT) conduit to now include diameters up to 4 inches. As the industry’s only provider of stainless steel EMT conduit and fittings, this series simplifies wiring installations, saving assembly time and costs. Weighing 58% less than stainless steel rigid conduit and 43% less than IMC, the lightweight EMTconduit also reduces shipping costs.

Made of type 316 stainless steel for increased corrosion resistance, EMT compression fittings, connectors and couplings meet any stringent sanitary conditions. The weatherproof products are designed to ease assembly and increase performance by using ferrules, so there are no separate pieces to purchase or stock. The set screw fittings provide fixed alignment, while allowing easy insertion of grounding conductors for through or end connection.

“We’ve expanded the line of lightweight stainless steel EMT conduit and fittings that reduce installation time and costs in response to customer demand,” says Mike Lang, Sr. Product Manager at Calbrite®. “Now available in sizes up to 4 inches, EMT raceway solutions permit wiring changes with minimal dismantling of the existing installation.”

Offering superior mechanical protection for conductors and cable, Calbrite® EMT conduit is polished with a standard “brite” finish to increase corrosion resistance and improve aesthetic appearance. Stainless steel EMT requires no threading and is joined together with Calbrite® EMT set screw or compression fittings. EMT conduit is available in standard and deep styles in sizes ranging from a 1/2″ to 4″. The conduit is certified to:

  • UL/797A listed
  • UL file number _E315441
  • Inclusive for installation in accordance with Article 358 of ANSI/NFPA 70 “National Electrical Code” (NEC)
  • NSF/ANSI 169 certified

For more information on Calbrite® stainless steel EMT conduit and fittings, visit calbrite.com.

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