1 Dec 2021

Calbrite® Price Increase Notification : Dec 13, 2021

On average, list prices for stainless steel conduit will increase 50%, while stainless steel fittings and accessories will increase 15%. While we are constantly working on productivity and materials savings, the dynamics of the raw materials markets as well as supply chain issues have led us to this decision. Read more »

29 Jun 2021

Atkore Expands Industry’s Only Stainless Steel EMT Conduit and Fitting Series

Atkore has expanded its family of Calbrite® Stainless Steel Electrical Metallic Tube (EMT) conduit to now include diameters up to 4 inches. As the industry’s only provider of stainless steel EMT conduit and fittings, this series simplifies wiring installations, saving assembly time and costs. Read more »

16 Apr 2021

Calbrite®‘s Flame Retardant Metallic Conduit & Fittings Simplify Machine and Infrastructure Applications

Atkore has developed self-extinguishing flexible stainless-steel conduit and fittings for use in harsh environment applications. The flame retardant conduit and fittings are halogen-free and feature low-smoke toxicity properties. Read more »

23 Mar 2021

Calbrite® Develops Flameproof & Hygienic Stainless Steel Flex Fittings

Atkore has bolstered its Calbrite® flexible fitting product offering to meet harsh and hygienic application demands. The stainless-steel flex fitting family now includes flameproof versions for Zone 2 applications and hygienic versions for washdown applications. Read more »

15 Mar 2021

One-piece TECK Connectors from Atkore Offer IP65-rated Protection

Atkore has expanded its one-piece TECK cable connectors to provide maximum protection in a wide range of indoor and outdoor applications. Read more »

2 Mar 2021

Calbrite® Hygienic Liquid Tight Conduit and Fittings Rated to IP69 for Washdown Applications

Atkore has expanded its Calbrite® flex offering to include stainless steel hygienic liquid tight conduit and fittings. Rated up to IP69, the hygienic liquid tight series prevents contamination from oils, dirt, dust, and liquid. Read more »

8 Oct 2020

Atkore Expands its Sanitary Strut Product Line for Food Safety

Atkore has enhanced its Calbrite® conduit support systems for sanitary and washdown environments commonly found in food processing and pharmaceutical applications. The innovative BriteRail® conduit system has a custom dome-shape design. while the new FlatRail conduit system has a custom flat-shape design. Read more »

15 Jul 2019

Calbrite® BriteRail® Sanitary Strut Awarded NSF Certification

BriteRail® Sanitary Strut has recently obtained certification for NSF/ANSI 169 standards, making BriteRail® the first and only stainless steel certified strut/channel that possesses NSF certification. Read more »

26 Mar 2019

BriteRail® Takes Home EC&M Product of the Year Category Winner Prize

Calbrite® is honored to announce that BriteRail® was selected as a EC&M Magazine 2019 Product of the Year category winner. BriteRail® is a new, innovative design in conduit support systems for sanitary and wash-down environments commonly found in food processing and pharmaceutical industries. Read more »

9 Jul 2018

Introducing BriteRail® Sanitary Strut

BriteRail® is a new, innovative design in conduit support systems for sanitary and wash-down environments. BriteRail® is manufactured with a dome-shaped design to shed water and minimize harboring microbial bacteria to ultimately improve the sanitary conditions of a facility. Read more »

8 May 2018

Introducing The All New Calbrite® Website

Here at Calbrite®, we are fully committed to providing the highest quality products and services, even when browsing our website. We redesigned our entire website to provide our customers with a more user-friendly informational experience. Read more »